Maintenance & Repair


Philosophy and business practices

Elevator Maintenance is our passion. We have long recognized that the key to minimizing equipment break downs is preventive maintenance. Our unique approach ensures that your valuable asset is being maintained to the highest standards, is safe, reliable, and code compliant. Our objective is to perform Quality Elevator Service so that you do not need to worry about your elevators. As the owner or manager responsible for the equipment, you need a partner that you can depend on to consistently perform.

Public Safety and the Owner’s Responsibility

Elevators are the safest form of transportation, however, elevators that are not properly maintained can be a liability. Elevating devices accessible to the public must be maintained by a licensed elevator contractor in good standing with the Technical Safety BC. As the owner of the elevating device you are responsible to ensure that the equipment is being maintained to current code requirements. Our service agreements specify compliance to regulations.

What is elevator maintenance?

Elevator maintenance is the routine servicing of the equipment in order to meet regulatory requirements as well as performing equipment specific maintenance tasks at prescribed frequencies. Call backs due to equipment break downs are also considered part of the maintenance service.

Preventive maintenance

We have developed our own unique preventive maintenance program with the goal of increased reliability. By following a scheduled maintenance program and focusing on key areas it is possible to greatly reduce shut downs and subsequent disruptions in service. As one of our valued customers, you will benefit from our approach to maintenance and this will also be recognized by the people that depend on the elevators in your building.


We have always believed in complete transparency with our customers. All building visits are documented with details including the tasks that were performed and code required entries in the on-site log book. At any time, you may request a complete history of services performed. We are accountable to you.


Our licensed elevator mechanics have diverse experience and we are able to maintain all types of equipment from various manufacturers. From low rise apartment buildings to high rise commercial buildings, we maintain elevators from various vintages, with some original equipment dating back to the 1950’s. Complementing this, we work on modern microprocessor based systems as well. Our customers benefit from this vast range of experience as it allows us to effectively trouble shoot equipment problems.

Parts Inventory

Our centrally located warehouse in Burnaby is fully stocked with replacement parts for the equipment that we maintain. This ensures that down time is minimized and your elevators are back in service within the shortest possible time.
We consider our suppliers as partners and maintain strong relationships with all of them. We do this by treating them fairly – we recognize that they are very important to our success. By keeping good relations and paying bills on time, we can count on our suppliers to go the extra mile when we most need them. This in turn means a quicker turn around on a repair and less down time for your elevator.


We are constantly investing in new technology to improve our field operations. Mobile apps connected to our central office in Burnaby ensure that our technicians have the latest information they need to work efficiently while communicating with our dedicated dispatchers. Despite using the latest technology we believe in the importance of personal customer service, which is why you will always have someone to talk to when you call us.